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    Site Policy :

  • Privacy Policy
  1. Purpose for Use of Personal Information ("Personal Information")
    Personal Information provided by Website (Homepage) users ("user" or "users") will be used by Takemura International Law Office solely for the following purposes:

    • To respond to the inquiries submitted
    • To provide mail magazine and its related services upon your requests

  2. Personal Information Disclosure to the Third Parties
    In principle, Personal Information provided by users will not be disclosed to the third parties. Disclosure of Personal Information to third parties, however, may be permitted if;

    1. such disclosure is necessary for protection of human lives, health and property, and it is difficult to get user's consent,
    2. such disclosure is specifically necessary for improvement of public health and sound growth of children, and it is difficult to get user's consent,
    3. such disclosure is necessary for cooperating on services operated by governmental offices, local governments or their agencies, and user's consent will interfere such operation,
    4. such disclosure or supply of Personal Information is set as obligation required by other laws,
    5. Personal Information will be transferred to the third parties who attained business from us or successor arisen by corporate split, when whole or a part of our business is transferred or in case of corporate split,
    6. user cannot be identified, or
    7. such disclosure is reasonably considered to be necessary for providing services to the users.

  3. Personal Information Manager
    Followings will be responsible for handling Personal Information:

    1. Personal Information identifiable (including e-mail addressed)
       Takemura International Law Office

    2. Personal Information unidentified (Access log, etc.)
       DKNEX Company LLC
          Contact :http://www.dknex.com

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  • Cookie
  1. What is "Cookie"?
    "Cookie" will be sent to your computer when you access this Website (Homepage)."Cookie" is a small text file data, which identifies each user and is used to collect information regarding the access when the user visits a website. Most browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari, etc.) are set to accept "Cookie" as default. Users can reconfigure the setting to deny "Cookie" or to make each browser to show that "Cookie" is being sent. However, if you deny "Cookie", a part of this Website (Homepage) may not perform correctly (for instance, Font size change function, KANJI-reading-guide function, etc.). Therefore, in order for you to fully enjoy the function on this Website (Homepage), we recommend you to choose the setting to accept "Cookie". Please note that "Cookie" does not invade user's privacy. Also, it does not have any harmful effects on users' computer.
    (Please contact each Software maker for detailed browser settings related to "Cookie")
  2. Utilization and publication of "Cookie" data
    Based on the "Cookie" information received, we will make statistic data (Access Log) in the way no personal data can be identified, and will use the data without any limit. Please note, however, that we will never publicize "Cookie" data to any third parties, unless required to do so by effective legal process, such as search warrant, subpoena, legislation, court order, etc.
  3. Information to be collected
    Under "Cookie", each user's personal data (such as name, e-mail address, etc.) will not be collected unless the user expressly indicates and provides. It only records, access time, type or language of browser, IP address, etc. These information will be used for various verification and for providing efficient services.
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  • Recommended Browser
To browse and use this Website (Homepage) comfortably, we recommend you to use below mentioned browser versions.

  Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer
Mozilla & Firefox
Windows OS 6.x 7.x 9.0x - 1.5
Macintosh OS 5.2.x 7.x 9.0x 1.3.x 1.5
Linux OS - - 9.1 - 1.4
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  • Copy right
Each information (characters, pictures, images, etc.) placed on this Website (Homepage) is subject to the copyright protection. Moreover, the entire Website (Homepage), as the edited copyrighted work, is also subjected to the copyright protection under the copyright law of Japan and international regulations. Whole or a part of this Website (Homepage) can be quoted or reprinted in the legally permitted way (private use or quote) under the copyright law, if the source is clearly specified in appropriate ways. However, if there are explanatory notes such as "all rights reserved copy without permission is prohibited," please follow such notes.

  [+]Whole or a part of this Website (Homepage) should not be revised without our permission.
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  • Disclaimer
While we pay close attention to the contents of this Website (Homepage), we do not guarantee the accuracy thereof. Moreover, we do not purport to provide any legal advises through this Website (Homepage). Accordingly, we disclaim all liabililty for any damage arising through the use of this site.
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  • Various Software

To browse various files in this Website (Homepage), please download the latest software or Plugin at the below noted service providers.

Flash File :
Please download the latest version on the website of "Macromedia".
PDF File :
Please download the latest version on the website of "Adobe".
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  • Link
  1. In principle, please feel free to link to this Website (Homepage). We will decline links to this Website (Homepage) , however, if contents or operation of the linking website (1) is offensive to public order and morals or (2) is illegal or has potential to be illegal, or is considered to be inappropriate to our business objectives.
    Furthermore, please do not show the contents of this Website (Homepage) by combining with other contents, or as a part of the linking website. By flame setting, etc., please avoid misunderstanding of editorial objective os this Website (Homepage).
  2. Immediate removal of the link will be requested if Takemura International Law Office found it falls under (1) or (2) above.
  3. Responsibility for contents and operation of the linking website is all vested in the manage r of the linking website, and Takemura International Law Office has no relation to it. Takemura International Law Office assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any damages, claims or any demand resulting from the use of the linking website.
  4. Contents and/or URL of this Website (Homepage) will be changed without an advance notice. In such case, no notice will be sent to the linking website's managers, and linked page will automatically jump to the Home page of this Website.
  5. The conditions for link described here will be changed as needed and the latest conditions are effective and should be always followed, whether or not the link is done before the change.
  6. Regarding mutual link, please see "Mutual Link".
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  • Banners for Link
Please use the following ISO Standardized banners when linking to this Website (Homepage). Also, please make sure to link to the Home page : http://www.kt-lawoffice.jp
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 - Full Banner
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 HTML Tag for link : <a href="http://www.kt-lawoffice.jp" target="_blank"><img src="BANNER FILE"></a>
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  • Mutual Link
All links to this Website (Homepage) is based on the conditions described in "Link" section above. Please read the conditions and if you agree them, please contact us directly if mutual link is needed.

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