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    Our Business Partners :


  1. China, Taipei
    恆融智慧財產事務所 ( http://www.cmcipfirm.com/english/ )

  2. Chen Managing Director's visit. October 6, 2011




  3. India
    HU Consultancy (www.huconsultancy.com)
    HU Consultancy aims to be the reference point in the entire gamut of Corporate Restructuring Services through provision of independent, holistic and optimal solution for the mounting need of Businesses to outperform it's peers.
    • To continuously enhance our circle competence through our emphasis on knowledge acquisition
    • To provide enhanced value through innovative, simple and niche solutions
    • To strive for a long term relationship by providing personalized services
    • To maintain the highest levels of discretion, independence and professionalism

  5. Singapore
    Our office works with some Sigapore local offices and can quickly
    support clients that want to start business in Singapore.



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