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    Past Deals :


  • Takemura International Law Office’s practice covers all major aspects of corporate transactions, such as advice on complex legal structuring of acquisitions (M&A) and major legal issues including corporate, intellectual property, antitrust, labor laws, Criminal laws and Domestic laws.

    Some of the more significant engagements in which our partner, Kimitoshi Takemura, has been involved include the representation of:

    • 2011
      • Communication Company in Singapore SG$3 billion proposed acquisition of IT company (Singapore)

    • 2010
      • Real estate Company in Tokyo US$30 million proposed acquisition of fund (Japan)


      • Real estate Company in Tokyo 20 million JPY acquired major shareholding of the other company (Japan)

    • 2009
      • T Corporation on its US4 billion bid for A Corporation, a distributor of electricity and a subsidiary (France)

    • 2007
      • T Capital, Inc. in its approximately US$170 million acquisition of a 14 percent stake in A Company, Ltd. (Japan)


      • S Industry sued Japanese Ship factory for 300 million JPY for damage of incident. (Japan, Korea)

    • 2006
      • N ventures bought out A Corporation's stock at 7 billion JPY. Kimitoshi Takemura represented N ventures. (Japan)

    • 2005
      • T ventures became a White Night to S K.K's hostile TOB and Kimitoshi Takemura represented T ventures. (Japan)


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